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Case Study : Go Shipping Cargo

Social Media Marketing

Client Overview:
Go Shipping Cargo, Dubai, UAE

A Dubai/Kenyan based freight forwarding company, Go Shipping Cargo, was having trouble engaging their audience on social media channels. Their existing channels did not effectively reach their target audience. Increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and establishing themselves as one of the region’s leading logistics providers was their goal with a comprehensive social media strategy.

With the help of Dmarketic, a full-service digital marketing agency in Dubai, Go Shipping Cargo developed and implemented a dynamic social media strategy.


Social Media Platform Analysis & Audience Identification:

Dmarketic conducted an in-depth analysis of social media to identify relevant audiences. The target audience of Go Shipping Cargo was identified through this analysis – businesses that require international freight forwarding services.

Social Media Management And Community Building

Dmarketic ensured a steady stream of valuable content through consistent posting schedules.

Paid Social Advertising

The Go Shipping Cargo website was promoted through targeted social media advertising campaigns.

The Following Engaging Content Formats Were Developed To Resonate With The Audience:

  • Our industry-focused posts cover topics such as shipping regulations, customs procedures, and industry trends.
  • Showcases the services and global network of Go Shipping Cargo.
  • Testimonials from customers highlighting successful deliveries and positive experiences.
  • Engagement of audience members through interactive polls and Q&A sessions.

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